Launch on-chain collectibles without writing code.

Launch on the world’s first NFT 2.0 marketplace and leverage the power of Universal Profiles. We provide the tools to succeed in the new creative economy. No technical knowledge required.


Launch on LUKSO with ease

Why launch on

Collaborate with us for an enhanced user experience, new smart-contract standards, and community promotion.

Stand out from the crowd.
If you want to stand out, consider LUKSO. It has a growing community and being part of its first wave of creators is a unique opportunity.
Smooth user experience.
We make NFTs accessible to anyone. Your audience can sign up via email, mint without paying for gas, and even pay with a credit card.
Leverage the power of NFTs 2.0.
You can create more powerful NFTs and build an on-chain reputation by leveraging new smart contract standards.
Advanced security.
On-chain references from creators and assets automatically prevent fraud and make it easy to verify authenticity.

We put creators first

Creators move our industry forward. We want to help them succeed. We stand for creator royalties and help creators build a strong on-chain brand.

We help with promotion and all technical challenges so creators can focus on what they do best.


Launch your own Drop.

The easiest way to launch a NFT 2.0 collection on LUKSO. Use our no-code editor that does not require any technical skills.

Create an unique and personalized landing page for your collection. Add different sections, customize the content, and more.


For the community

Join the new creative economy

“As an artist it really is a gamechanger.”

eSveeBee.lyx 🆙

“I highly recommend checking out Universal Page. When Mainnet goes live, this stuff is going to explode!”

Alts Anonymous 🆙

“The future of NFT’s is here.”


“I am pleased with Universal Page and mind-blown by its simplicity and how quick the work flow is!”

Hans 🆙

“Epiccccc 🙏🏻✨”


“Not even going to buy hosting anymore for my design business, just domain name and forward it to my Universal Page.”

eSveeBee.lyx 🆙

“So fluid UX”

Poète fou.🆙

“Absolutely beautiful! Love the design!”

Tom Serres

“I have used a lot of NFT marketplaces but this seems to be the best one, i'm excited for mint my art there!”


“This is why we're a massive supporter of Universal Page, prioritising CREATORS for "The New Creative Economy".”


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