Introducing: Flexible Creator Royalties

Flexible Creator Royalties

We're excited to provide "Flexible Creator Royalties" on our NFT marketplace. This new type of royalty setting allows creators to have greater control over how they earn royalties on their creations.

Strict or Loose

With "Flexible Creator Royalties," creators can choose between two options: always enforce royalties or only enforce royalties when their collectors make a profit. This means that if a collector sells an NFT for the same price or lower then they bought it for, the creator will not receive a royalty if they have chosen the "loose" option. However, if the collector sells the NFT for a higher price, the creator will receive a percentage of the profit.

By default, when creators are setting royalties for their collections on Universal Page they will be set to "loose". If they rather want to enforce royalties at all times, they can select the "strict" option.

Support for multiple addresses

In addition, creators can assign a percentage of royalties to each creator who worked on the collection. This means that if there are multiple creators who collaborated on a collection, each creator can receive a portion of the royalties based on their contribution. All the collection owner need to do is provide the addresses of the Universal Profiles and their percentages.

Support creators. Transparency for collectors.

We believe that this new feature will benefit both creators and collectors. Creators now have more control over how they earn royalties and can reward their collaborators fairly. Collectors, on the other hand, have greater transparency about how royalties are distributed and can make more informed decisions about purchasing NFTs.

We're excited to see how this new feature will empower our creators and improve the NFT ecosystem as a whole. We continue to look for new ways to not only support creators, but also giving them the tools to have a good and fair relationship with their audiences.

It's testable now on L16 and we can't wait to see this on LUKSO mainnet soon!

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