Making digital ownership accessible to everyone.

Our mission is to make digital ownership more accessible and user-friendly. Everyone should be able to own their identity and digital assets on the internet. We are building the tools to make this happen.

universal page

Won hackathon

Universal Page won the first LUKSO hackathon in 2021 and continued to be improved every day together with the community.

Building the platform

After the hackathon, we continued building out the platform and expend our features, with most importantly, the NFT marketplace.

Released beta & testing

We released our beta on the L16 testnet, and later on the new Testnet and made our platform available to the community.

Public launch on Mainnet

Launch the platform on the LUKSO Mainnet and make it fully available to the public.

Our mission

Digital ownership matters, but currently, it is inaccessible to most people. The NFTs ecosystem is a mess. The onboarding is too complex, platforms are not safe, and most of the underlying tech is not suited for real mass adoption. This needs to change. Digital ownership is important, and everyone should be able to own their identity and digital assets.

To achieve this, we must let go of some outdated practices. We should transition from using key-based wallets to smart contract-based accounts. We must stop making people remember seed phrases or deal with paying "gas fees" for transactions. We need to make things simple and elegant. We must go beyond current NFT standards and embrace better tools and standards to move forward.

Let's create a world where digital ownership is accessible to everyone. Simplify the user experience and avoid technical jargon. Users should have control over their on-chain identities and build a on-chain reputation. That's why we only support the latest industry techniques, such as Universal Profiles and the LSP7 & LSP8 NFT standards. We understand there is a long way to go, but we can make this a reality with passion, determination, and hard work.

Meet the founders

We are passionate builders who have been a part of the LUKSO ecosystem since the beginning. We take pride in being bootstrapped and independent, and our dedication lies in delivering beautiful products that are easy to use.

Create your Universal Page today.

Mint a free domain NFT and build your customizable Web3 page. Or dive into the open marketplace to discover NFTs 2.0 on LUKSO.

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