For the next generation of digital collectibles

A new era of Web3: user-friendly, gasless, and rich in creative possibilities. Set up your Universal Page, dive into the marketplace, or launch unique drops - all in one place.

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Build your branded NFT store in minutes.

Login with your Universal Profile and create a customizable website to showcase and sell digital assets on the LUKSO blockchain.

Choose & Mint

Mint your Universal Page Name: an NFT that serves as your unique identifier.

Choose a domain that you can mint as an NFT for free. Your unique link will be:


Build & Customize

Customize your page to fit the design you want and matches your branding.

You control how your page look, which NFTs you want to show, and how you want to organize them.


Share & sell

Share your link and sell digital collectibles directly from your page.

Your audience can easily buy your NFTs directly from your page. You can also sell your page as a whole.


Launch your own Drop.

The easiest way to launch a NFT 2.0 collection on LUKSO. Use our no-code editor that does not require any technical skills.

Create an unique and personalized landing page for your collection. Add different sections, customize the content, and more.


For the community

Join the new creative economy

“As an artist it really is a gamechanger.”

eSveeBee.lyx 🆙

“I highly recommend checking out Universal Page. When Mainnet goes live, this stuff is going to explode!”

Alts Anonymous 🆙

“The future of NFT’s is here.”


“I am pleased with Universal Page and mind-blown by its simplicity and how quick the work flow is!”

Hans 🆙

“Epiccccc 🙏🏻✨”


“Not even going to buy hosting anymore for my design business, just domain name and forward it to my Universal Page.”

eSveeBee.lyx 🆙

“So fluid UX”

Poète fou.🆙

“Absolutely beautiful! Love the design!”

Tom Serres

“I have used a lot of NFT marketplaces but this seems to be the best one, i'm excited for mint my art there!”


“This is why we're a massive supporter of Universal Page, prioritising CREATORS for "The New Creative Economy".”


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Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, send us a message on Twitter (@_universalpage) or ask your question in the Discord server.

What's a Universal Profile?
Universal profiles are smart contract-based accounts. They are often referred to as UP or 🆙, and can serve as your wallet, but also the public profile that you use to interact with decentralized apps. They provide the flexibility needed to create better user experiences than key-based wallets like Metamask. To build a Universal Page you first need to create a UP.
What's a NFT 2.0?
LSP8 Identifiable Digital Asset as well as LSP7 Digital Asset are new NFT standards that are more flexible, very extensible, and designed for the next wave of NFTs. They are often referred to as NFTs 2.0
On which blockchains is Universal Page available?
Universal Page only works on LUKSO. The reason is because Universal Profiles and NFTs 2.0 are initially developed on LUKSO. As long as they are not available on other chains like Ethereum, we do not intend to support any other blockchain.
What is a UPN?
UPN stands for Universal Page Name and it's the NFT that powers your Universal Page. This name will serve as an identifier for your page, meaning your site will be available under the domain: <your-upn> Learn more by reading our blog post: The NFT that powers Universal Page.
How do I sell NFTs on LUKSO?
Universal Page is the first application that offers marketplace functionalities on the LUKSO blockchain. It allows you to put your LSP7 and LSP8 digital assets for sale. The features are still being tested and internally so please join the Discord to get informed as soon as we launch the marketplace. Both direct sales as auctions will become available.
How can I get started with Universal Page?
Getting started with Universal Page is simple. You just have to make sure you have the official Universal Profiles browser extension installed and own a Universal Profile. You can could follow this simple guide: Getting started with Universal Page.