Buy Orders - a new way of handling offers for LSP7 NFTs.

With Buy Orders, you can set the item price, choose the quantity you want to buy, and place your order. As a seller, you can choose to fulfill these orders. If you own one NFT, you can accept the highest order anytime. If you own multiple, you can fulfill multiple orders in one transaction, showing you the average price you will receive per item.

For instance, let's say you own three HexJerzo NFTs, and the two best orders are one item for 60 LYX and a buy order for two items at 30 LYX each. You can now choose to sell only one and receive 60 LYX. Or you could increase the amount to sell two, which means you will sell one for 60 LYX and one for 30 LYX. This will show you the average price per item is 45 LYX. You can also sell all three, showing you the average price per item is 40 LYX, and you will receive 120 LYX total.

By default, your NFT will sell to the highest order. However, suppose a digital asset is trending, and multiple people try to sell into the highest order. In that case, it's possible that your transaction may not go through, as only one transaction can be successful. In such cases, you could lower the average price when you sell into orders, which means the second best-buy order will get fulfilled, giving you a higher chance of succeeding when lots of people are trading and trying to get the highest price.

It's important to note that Buy Orders will replace the "offers" feature we had before on LSP7 listings. Although you can still create and buy listings of LSP7 NFTs, making offers on individual listings will no longer be possible. For LSP8 NFTs, nothing changes.

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