Universal Page to launch on Base

Expanding Horizons: Universal Page to Support the Base L2 Blockchain

Our Multi-Chain Vision

We are excited to share that Universal Page, the social NFT 2.0 platform, is working on going multi-chain and will be adding support for Base. We always strive to maintain transparency with our community, and in this blog post, we will delve into more detail about our plans and the reasoning behind them.

We always envisioned a multi-chain environment where other ecosystems would adopt the new NFT standards and Universal Profiles. We think that vision needs to be realized more quickly than we initially anticipated, and we started working on the technical requirements to make that possible. After researching the best place to expand our platform, we decided to go with Base, the builder-friendly and fastest-growing L2 on Ethereum.

The LUKSO ecosystem has lots of potential, but the current rate of adoption is too slow to be sustainable for us. We believe that adding support for Base is a logical next step to attract more people to our beautiful community and communityNFT platform, which will also bring more attention and activity to LUKSO.

We are excited to bring our platform to Base and expand our reach to grow our community and bring more value to those who love what we've built. We're aiming for a launch in July and you can expect new digital art Datzel and an epic new collection from our friends at Chillwhales again on our launch day. Make sure to follow @BADonchain for the alpha.

About tech adoption

We will continue our commitment to improving the overall blockchain user experience, which we achieve by using Universal Profiles and the new token standards. We will continue to push for adoption of these standards, but there needs to be more awareness and a sense of urgency to make this happen.

The LSPs are a massive upgrade with a lot of potential; however, even though something is better, it will not guarantee getting the adoption it deserves.

We've seen this pattern throughout the history of software and protocols.

For instance, Betamax was recognized for its superior video quality and durability, yet VHS became the dominant format due to more aggressive licensing strategies. Or NeXTSTEP, an advanced operating system with superior graphics, was outperformed in the market by Windows, which had broader hardware compatibility and aggressive marketing. In protocols, we have seen instances such as SCTP vs. TCP and IPv6 vs. IPv4, where superior technologies did not achieve widespread adoption due to factors such as early adoption and existing infrastructure.

The same is true for smart contract standards. It's important to remember that the superior products, protocols, or standards not always get the adoption they deserve.

If we go back to the most famous smart contract standard developed by Fabian Vogelsteller (along with Vitalik), the ERC20 token standard, and we see that despite being very minimal it gained enormous adoption. Later, Fabian and a team of engineers spent years developing more sophisticated standards built for the future. These new standards are arguably more mature and flexible than any existing standards in the Ethereum space. This has the potential to change everything. However, without more awareness the standards like ERC-20 and ERC-721 may continue to dominate over the new LSP7 & LSP8. Universal Profiles offer a better foundation to build upon than key-based wallets and are the best smart contract-based account system currently available. But to make a real impact, we need adoption and awareness now. Without awareness, other standards may become more dominant (even if they are not "better").

Bringing better blockchain UX to the masses

Universal Profiles allow for seamless blockchain experiences, where users can create a blockchain profile similar to creating a profile on a social platform like Twitter or Facebook. Gas fees are abstracted away, and onboarding becomes genuinely seamless. However, the focus should not be solely on bringing in more "normies". First, we need to ensure that developers, creators, and other crypto-native users in the web3 space know about the new tools and standards. Spreading awareness throughout the crypto ecosystem should be the number one priority to avoid losing the battle of the standards. To spread awareness, we need to bring the technology to bigger ecosystems. It needs to spread out of the LUKSO bubble for it to make a real impact, and the best way to attract more people is to meet them where they are.

We should let crypto users experience a better way of interacting with blockchains. Universal Page has always focused on user experience and making things as seamless as possible for the end user. By going multi-chain, more users can experience signing up with email and creating an onchain profile for collecting, interacting, and building a brand or onchain reputation. Users can mint NFTs by confirming with just a password, without the need for a browser extension, app, or leaving the page. We offer a focus on mobile devices, no gas fees, and a social experience due to profiles being the default instead of keys. Users can customize their page and control their profile in various ways, such as with a wallet, email, or extension. They can seamlessly recover their profile when it gets lost, there is no need to deal with seed phrases or losing private keys, and information is stored onchain for other applications to build upon. Dynamic NFTs can be shown and verified by creators onchain, have onchain royalties settings, and an infinite store of dynamic data attached to them over time. NFT licenses onchain, announcements and updates, tracking access, and any other standards can be developed and be stored onchain.

To bring the world onchain, we need onchain profiles and new token standards that work well together. We need flexible account systems that can evolve over time, be extended, build an onchain reputation, act on incoming assets, have any information attached to them, are social, safe, entirely in your control, and onchain.

Why Base?

We want to introduce a new way of interacting onchain to the world. By bringing this to the fastest-growing ecosystem in the crypto space, Base, we can enable more people to experience why these standards should succeed and gain more adoption. Base is a place that celebrates builders. Everyone is accepted and welcome to join, and it's the fastest-growing community ever in Web3. Transactions are cheap and fast. It's a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 that focuses on bringing the next billion users onchain. We couldn't see a better place to get our platform and expand our reach to grow our community and bring more value to those who love what we've built.

We will continue to focus on improving and building the best social marketplace for the next generation of onchain collectibles. We aim to bring value by providing a seamless user experience and building the features our community wants.

Continued commitment to LUKSO

While we are excited to expand to Base, we will continue supporting LUKSO like before. Adding support for Base could attract more people to our platform and bring more attention and activity to LUKSO.

Here's why we think this change will benefit the LUKSO ecosystem as well:

Increased Exposure: By bringing in the Base community, we can draw more attention to the exciting developments happening on LUKSO. People who start on Base might explore and engage with NFTs on LUKSO.

Simplified Onboarding: We're making it easy for Base users to discover and purchase NFTs on LUKSO, potentially boosting activity and interest in the LUKSO ecosystem. Users who come for Base could get a one-click action to get started on LUKSO.

New Tools: We're rolling out features that allow the creation of allowlists based on profiles from other chains. This means creators can create private mints for their LUKSO fans, even if they would launch the NFT on Base.

Unified Profile: We're working on having your Universal Profile on both LUKSO and Base with the same address, providing consistency in your identity across ecosystems.

If you have been with us from the beginning, we sincerely appreciate your support for our upcoming launch on Base. We've been working hard on all technical requirements to make this happen and will continue to do so in the upcoming weeks to fully prepare for this moment. It's going to be a challenging moment, but we need to try new things and we're looking forward to expanding our platform and growing our amazing community.

Stay tuned.

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