Simple guide on how to get started with Universal Page

Getting started

Universal Page is a tool that empowers creators by letting them build their own personal marketplaces to create and sell directly to their audience. It can also be used as a nice way of launching your own website to show off your Universal Profile and the NFTs you own on the Lukso blockchain.

If you own a Universal Profile you must own a Universal Page.

Getting started with Universal Page is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download the browser extension
    Download the official Universal Profile browser extension and create a Universal Profile. If you have the Metamask extension installed, make sure you disable it.

  2. Connect your profile
    Go to and connect your profile.


  3. Mint the NFT
    Find an available Universal Page Name (UPN). This name serves as your unique identifier and also becomes the domain for your page (


  4. Create and customize
    Customize your Universal Page. Change the look and feel of your page. Adjust settings to your needs, like enabling the "Pay" button to easily get paid in LYX through your Universal Page.


  5. Share it with the world
    Don’t forget to share the link to your Universal Page in the Discord and on Twitter.

  6. Discover the marketplace
    Discover the marketplace and find new NFTs to collect.

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