Universal Page Roadmap to Launching on LUKSO Mainnet

Gear up for the journey to launching Universal Page on the LUKSO mainnnet

As the excitement grows for the launch of Universal Page, the NFT 2.0 platform built on top of the LUKSO blockchain, we strive to keep our community updated on each critical step and milestone required to make this a reality. In this blog post, we'll outline the upcoming milestones for Universal Page and explain how our timeline is closely tied to the developments of LUKSO.

LUKSO Blockchain Milestones Recap

Since our timeline is dependent on the developments of LUKSO, let's recap the LUKSO Blockchain milestones:

  1. LUKSO Testnet Launch (May 3rd, 2023) The LUKSO testnet officially went live on May 3rd, 2023, serving as a crucial step towards the upcoming mainnet launch.

  2. LUKSO Genesis Contract Freeze (May 3rd - May 10th, 2023) The LUKSO genesis contract began its freezing process on May 3rd, 2023. It will continue to accept deposits until May 10th, when the contract becomes fully frozen.

  3. LUKSO Mainnet Launch (May 23rd, 2023) The mainnet launch is set for May 23rd, 2023, marking the beginning of the "discovery phase" where the network is tested.

  4. LUKSO Mainnet Discovery Month Once the mainnet launches and has been stably running for around a month (Discovery Month), there will be a migration process of LYXe to LYX. Genesis Validators will have LYX directly when the network starts as a stake in the consensus layer of the network.

  5. LUKSO Tools and NFTs Migration Approximately two months after the discovery month, Universal Profiles and NFTs on L14 will be migrated, and tools like the browser extension will become available. This is the moment the LUKSO mainnet becomes truly available for dApps to launch and allow users to try out their products.

lukso mainnet

The Universal Page Rollout on LUKSO

  1. Testnet Migration (June-July 2023) The integration of Universal Page onto the LUKSO testnet is projected to start by the end of June 2023. This process will take several weeks to accommodate the migration of smart contracts and infrastructure, ensuring all aspects meet updated LSP standards and LUKSO testnet requirements.

  2. Universal Page Mainnet Private Launch (Aug-Sept 2023) Although there are several variables involved, we expect the Universal Page application to go live on the LUKSO mainnet around the beginning of August 2023. The launch will kick off with the introduction of Genesis NFTs, which grant users access to an array of products and features within the Universal Page ecosystem.

  3. Universal Page Mainnet Public Launch (Q4 2023 - Q1 2024) We expect to publicly launch Universal Page around the end of the year. This means the platform will become available to everyone, and it will no longer be required to own a Genesis NFT to access all features.

universal page mainnet


The launch of Universal Page is heavily dependent on the timeline of the LUKSO blockchain and the availability of tools. Besides this, we rely on the finalization of the smart contract standards for Universal Profiles and NFTs 2.0.

We are excited to share this roadmap with our community and eagerly anticipate the successful launch of Universal Page on the LUKSO mainnet. As we continue to finalize and polish each phase, we welcome and appreciate any feedback or suggestions from our community members. Together, we'll make Universal Page an invaluable component of the LUKSO blockchain experience!

Join the Discord to be among the first to know when the test phase of the new testnet becomes available. Participating in the test phase and providing feedback is much appreciated, and it will dramatically increase your chances of getting to mint a Genesis NFT. This NFT will give you access to the private mainnet launch and provide you with lifetime discounts on Universal Page.

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