Universal Page Launch Update

Universal Profiles have launched on LUKSO Mainnet, but NFT standards have changed. When will Universal Page launch?

Quick Update on Universal Page's Upcoming Launch

A quick update here on the latest news on Universal Page. In our previous post, we talked about our expected timeline. However, the LUKSO team published new standard improvements, which are mostly breaking changes to the NFT standards, LSP7 and LSP8, that Universal Page is built on. Although it may cause a delay, supporting the changes to the standards from the beginning would be important. It would be difficult to support any deprecated standards later, so we want to back the changes from the start on mainnet.

A Little More Patience (again)

It has been a long journey towards launching Universal Page. In 2022, we couldn't launch because we didn't have LUKSO mainnet. By mid-2023, we had mainnet, but no Universal Profiles. Now, at the end of 2023, the NFT standards we're not ready. It seemed like a never-ending process, but now we are approaching the finish line of this era. The good news is that these latest breaking changes will be the last ones before we move on and launch Universal Page. Despite the hurdles, we are still dedicated to the LUKSO ecosystem and are doing everything we can to still launch the private phase before the end of this year, where around 100 people will get to try out Universal Page on LUKSO mainnet. After that, we aim to open it up to everyone the following month.

Test phase update

Thank you to everyone who participated in testing the universal page on the testnet. Your active involvement has been very helpful in implementing more improvements. We are pleased to announce that all critical systems have been working smoothly, giving us the confidence to move forward to mainnet.

Unfortunately, due to the breaking changes in the NFT contracts, we cannot support any of the existing NFTs in our test environment. We need to reset everything and redeploy using the latest standards. Supporting the previously deployed contracts would require too much work, and we must start from scratch again.

We hope this last test phase will take less time before moving on to mainnet, as most of the application still works the same and has been tested a lot. However, we have to go through all the flows again to ensure it is still as stable as before. Anyone who helps with testing is much appreciated.

Genesis Airdrop

Many have filled in the Genesis form to access the private mainnet launch. We will airdrop around 100 NFTs, which can be claimed here. Please join our Discord or follow us on Twitter to be informed when you can check if you are eligible for the NFT.

A Community Effort

As a small, independent team, we count on our community's patience and support. As mentioned before, we heavily relied on LUKSO's roadmap and couldn't launch earlier if we wanted to. Now that we are finally almost there, we again ask for your patience and support. Your support in building and nurturing this project is invaluable to us. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being part of this journey!

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