Own your Universal Page with the Universal Page Name NFT

Own your Universal Page as an NFT

In web3, users and builders can own pieces of internet services by owning tokens. For Universal Page, you will be able to own your project by minting your domain as an NFT.

This comes with a benefit that web2 companies can’t offer: ownership.


A Universal Page will always show the Universal Profile (UP) of the owner of the NFT. This means that if you would sell or sent the NFT to a different UP the page would automatically be updated with this other UP information as soon as the ownership has changed.

If you no longer need your Universal Page, you can decide to put it up for sale. This also opens up options for early adopters and builders. Grabbing a good domain and customizing it before putting it up for sale on the secondary market good become a nice side-hustle.

People could buy directly from the creators and as soon as they own the NFT is transferred the new owner’s UP is reflected and gets the full control over the Universal Page.

Universal Page is different then any other website builder. It connects with your decentralised block chain account (Universal Profile) and reads from the Lukso blockchain to show your digital assets. But besides that, you will also be able to own your creation and easily be able to transfer ownership.

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