Orbits is a cyberpunk piece that shows the experimentation that was done with the head of a human being, cloning it into 4 more heads and storing them in a network powered by the energy of the mysterious place.

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The background

Orbits is a piece I made during October 2023 inspired by a techno song with the same name by Stereo Kulisse (I later worked with them as a result of my fan art) that gave me the idea of this androgynous being getting cloned and stored. The whole cyberpunk atmosphere is part of the imaginary I had at the moment I heard this song.

The background

Who made this?

Hi! I'm Alex :D My work is based on human psychology combined with psychedelia. My main inspiration is music, from which I use the lyrics, the rhythm or just the title to start a new piece.

Alexander Montes

Digital Artist

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