Optical Paradoxes: The Evolution of Perception

Discover 25 masterful NFTs by Jams2blues, blending optical surrealism with sustainability. Support art, support the planet!

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Dive deep into the intricate designs of "Optical Paradoxes". Each piece is a journey through light, shadow, and surrealism, blending optical illusions with a powerful message of sustainability. "Optical Paradoxes" is a groundbreaking collection of 25 unique NFTs, each meticulously crafted by James Lee, also known as Jams2blues. As the president of Save The World With Art™, James combines decades of artistic mastery with innovative optical surrealism. This collection not only challenges the boundaries of visual art but also contributes to verified planet sustainability projects with every NFT sold.

Unveil the Illusion

Meet the Visionaries

The internationally exhibited artists behind the magic

James Lee (Jams2blues) & Anna Lee (Aleein)

James and Anna Lee are the dynamic duo at the heart of Save The World With Art™. As the president and CEO of Jams2blues Creations LLC, they have transformed perceptions through their innovative and surreal artistic creations. James, a world record-setting artist, and Anna, his collaborative partner and soulmate, work extensively from concept to realization on their projects, raising significant funds for humanitarian causes and contributing to verified planet sustainability projects.

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"Optical Paradoxes" is a collection of 25 unique, digital, hand-drawn NFTs by James Lee, combining optical illusions with surrealism.