Enchanted Lagomorph

This intricately adorned rabbit skull invites you to explore the intersection of life and magic. Hearts nestled in the eye sockets evoke a sense of heartfelt mystery, while delicate rabbits flanking the sides add an air of ethereal grace. Atop the skull, a sword pierces through, symbolizing both strength and fragility.

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Everything you need to know

All 3D models are crafted by me. The colors in each piece are derived from a randomly generated palette, although I carefully select the specific colors for each part. The final render is edited in Photoshop, where I add the background and apply certain filters to enhance the color saturation.

Everything you need to know

The Artist

3D artist from Mexico.

Leo Isidro

3D Artist

Enchanted Lagomorph

Don't let this digital masterpiece slip away...

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